We provided construction oversight and stakeouts for the entire commercial site. Design of the parking, stormwater drainage facility and sewage disposal system was also provided.
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This project entailed the construction of a residential dock located on Spectacle Pond in Wareham, MA. Services included for this work consisted of a site surveying, preparation of plans, and permitting with local and state regulatory agencies.
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JC Engineering is an expert in the field of sewage disposal systems and alternative treatment.  Our projects range in location from Cape Cod to the entire Southeast Region of Massachusetts.

Almost as expansive as our Title V work, is the work we do in Residential Subdivisions. Our obligations for these subdivisions range from the initial site survey, to the design, through the approval stage, and ending in the complete construction of the project.

Along with our residential subdivisions, here at JC Engineering we also look into alternative developments. These developments are a way to get the most use out of the land for our clients.

We provide comprehensive site development in the commercial sector. Our responsibilities occur from the conceptual and design stages of a project, through the permitting and approval, and the final construction stages of a project.

JC Engineering provides surveying services for companies who do not have in house surveying staffs. We will go through the permitting and approval process for any required project. With vast experience in permitting from wetland and conservation issues to zoning permits, any project issues will be resolved.

Additional Services
Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD)

Notice of Intent (NOI)

Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA)

Chapter 91 License

Special Permits from the ZBA

Comprehensive Permits

Recirculating Sand Filter Permitting

Sewer Extension Permitting
Wetland Replication
Precise Documentation
The foundation for all of our projects is precise and accurate documentation. We pride ourselves in providing professional, cost effective solutions for all of our clients both residential and commercial.