We provided construction oversight and stakeouts for the entire commercial site. Design of the parking, stormwater drainage facility and sewage disposal system was also provided.
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This project entailed the construction of a residential dock located on Spectacle Pond in Wareham, MA. Services included for this work consisted of a site surveying, preparation of plans, and permitting with local and state regulatory agencies.
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The above stated projects are just a few of the more interesting projects that we have permitted for our clients. While they are a sample of the permitting work that we do, they are not the limit of our work.  We have a comprehensive portfolio that we will share with you upon request.

Project Overview
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Luke's Liquors, West Harwich, MA
This property was a commercial site of 44,000 square feet more or less, with a failed disposal system. The system had to be designed as a raised system due to the fact that the adjusted groundwater elevation was only 0.2’ below grade. Also it was placed in a location to allow the store to stay open while under construction. The end result was a pressure dosed leaching field surrounded by a concrete retaining wall
Cove Lane,
Bourne, MA
For this project the parcel was a waterfront property consisting mainly of wetlands. Through Bourne Board of Health and Conservation Commission we were able to permit a two-bedroom dwelling on this extremely difficult site. The Notice of Intent filed was to grant a variance for the setbacks to the bordering vegetated wetland.
Plymouth Ave.
East Wareham, MA
This property is a 6,000 square foot lot located in a Department of Environmental Protection Zone 2 or Nitrogen Sensitive Area. Whereas by itself, based on the Title V regulations, this property is not capable of supporting a sewerage disposal system. However, a provision in Title V allows for the allocation of other land area within the same Zone 2 to be aggregated to the subject property for the construction of a sewerage disposal system. We successfully aided our client in obtaining the “Credit Land” plus filed all the necessary permit applications for the approval of a Three Bedroom Home on this property. This permit was granted by the Department of Environmental Protection and the Local Board of Health.